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I totally agree 1,000% on you with that @”TheYzzykrazy”.. im from Oklahoma as well and this band has meant more to me than any american band!! X Japan rocks and will continue to rock in my life till the day i die!! It’s a relief to know that there is another fellow okie X fan out there! you are awesome keep rockin to the X beat!! #WeAreX

ワンオクとかすきやけど ROCKといえばXJAPANやろ


Featured Curator of the Week : Archan Nair [archanN]

Kim Kei lives and works in Los Angeles. Her process begins with combining and altering everyday objects and natural debris. These malleable sculptures are photographed in several iterations, which become the foundation for her paintings. Her intricate, improvised compositions exist somewhere between representation and abstraction. Her work is a departure from the figure as a form, yet in its absence the body is implied.

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